Lynne Spiteri

Lynne Spiteri

Psychotherapist & Family Therapist

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Lynne Spiteri

Psychotherapist and Family Therapist

BA (Hons)

Systemic Psychotherapist and Family Therapist

Systemic Supervisor


I am a Systemic and Family Psychotherapist, and Systemic Supervisor, registered with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy and the Association for Family Therapy.



When is Family Therapy helpful?

Family therapists work with individuals or families who are facing a range of challenges.  Sometimes a family will look for help to improve communication or build closer relationships.  Other challenges can include separation and loss, trauma, significant events, mental health difficulties, physical health difficulties, bereavement, substance abuse, eating disorders and adjustments to different events or stages in life. There are many aspects of life that can leave individuals or families feeling overwhelmed or stuck in unhelpful patterns. Family therapists work with individuals, couples, some or all members of a family to build on strengths and make changes to support each other. The aim is to help those we work with to talk about what is important to them in a way that is safe, creative, open and useful.

Family and systemic therapists seek to build a shared understanding of the issues that are a concern as this will influence the work that is undertaken. It is important to hear different views and voices and to respect people’s beliefs, values, needs, hopes and fears. 

Family therapists may also work as part of a team of professionals who are providing treatment to an individual in order to achieve the best possible outcome for all members of the family.


My Clinical Experience

I have worked for the past 30 years with children, young people and families, in a variety of NHS, Education and Local Authority settings.  My most recent role was in an in-patient unit for young people who were facing mental health challenges and diagnoses.  I worked individually with patients and also with their families to understand and to address difficulties and to help them support each other.  Young people and families presented with a range of issues including eating disorders, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, personality aspects, autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit disorders, self-harm and self-esteem challenges as well as relationship and social difficulties. 

In other settings I have worked with families experiencing stress as a result of a range of life events including, for example, communication difficulties, separation, divorce, loss, trauma, mental and physical illness and changes in family circumstances.

I have also worked in schools, supporting young people, families and staff.

In addition to working directly with individuals or families, I provide Supervision to staff in different contexts who are working with individuals or families.


Degrees and Qualifications

BA (Hons):  Social Science

Certificate of Qualification in Social Work

Diploma in Management Studies

Diploma in Family and Systemic Therapy

Advanced Diploma in Systemic Supervision

Currently undertaking the Diploma in Systemic Leadership and Consultation Practice


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